About us

Once upon a time, there was a vegan couple who wanted to create a story. There was Rebecca, a restless red-headed Swede, hand in hand with Marcel, a compassionate Chilean born and raised in Denmark. They loved to visit different places around the world and discover what the beautiful cities had to offer. For Rebecca and Marcel, travel did not mean to just lay on a lounger and be lazy or to listen to a guide pointing out the most ancient church of the town. Travel meant to experience.

This did, of course, include the small and simple things that you do every day. Eat, for example. The couple loved food. You could do so much with it. If you just used the right ingredients combined with the right spices, made with the perfect technique for that special recipe, one could create magic. The imaginable plant-based dishes where numerous! Combined with the special feeling that every individual restaurant, cafe or pub had. It was simple – Rebecca and Marcel had to try as much as possible, and they had to find the best of the best.

Berlin, the vegan Capital city of Europe, was the town that they lived in, and they could simply not miss out on that opportunity to find the best little places there was to eat. But even though Berlin had a lot, they could not believe that it had everything. What deliciousness was hiding on the beach in Barcelona? What could they experience under the shadow of the Eifel Tower? The couple could not wait to find out!

Rebecca and Marcel believed that if one person could do 100%, two people would do 250%. Therefore, they decided to combine their common interests with a dream. And so, a Vegan Travel Story was created.