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Rumours travel fast – after we heard about the vegan fried egg at the new vegan Thai restaurant li.ke Thai Vegan (pronounced lii-gay) near Boxhagener Platz, it didn’t take a long time until we let our feet take…

Vegan Travel Story Burgerwehr Burgers

Just two streets away from our apartment, there was a blocked way, which we could never pass – until now. And guess what was hidden behind? Burger Wehr, with several vegan burgers based on seitan. We tried the…

Vegan Travel Story Pizza

We learned about Kernvoll when we opened Happy Cow’s website and noticed that there was a new place in the “near me” section – just a few streets away from our home. After having a look at their website, it turned…

Vegan Travel Story Momos Berlin

A rainy Friday evening in Berlin we found our way to the vegetarian dumpling place Momos. We were welcomed by a trendy restaurant with friendly staff behind the counter, ready to take our orders. They had a very…

Vegan Travel Story Vegan Food in Hamburg

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery Nord Coast Coffee Roastery you visit for the coffee – carefully prepared with high-quality beans and served black or with Oatly barista oat milk (the best coffee milk that exists). This cappuccino tasted amazing! If…

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