August 2018


Just two streets away from our apartment, there was a blocked way, which we could never pass – until now. And guess what was hidden behind? Burger Wehr, with several vegan burgers based on seitan. We tried the Mediterranean with pesto and one called Samba, extra spicy and with really delicious guacamole and loads of garlic – the latter you won’t get vegan everywhere, and we appreciate something different than the usual cheeseburger. Fluffy, homemade burger buns and loads of sauce seem to be their standard, which we approve – after all, isn’t it that, that makes a burger step from just “good” to “super tasty”? Plus for that, the service was really friendly!

We got our orders really fast, but still, you could sense that they put an effort into what they did. As we live so close, there is definitely a chance (/risk?) that we will come here quite often…

For more information such as their opening hours, visit their Facebook page:

Burgerwehr, Rigaer Straße 75, Berlin-Friedrichshain

We learned about Kernvoll when we opened Happy Cow’s website and noticed that there was a new place in the “near me” section – just a few streets away from our home. After having a look at their website, it turned out that this was not only an ordinary vegan restaurant, it seemed to be a whole concept. They offer catering, brunch and even a vegan clothing brand named Organic Tailoring. As you already might have suspected, everything from Kernvoll is organic – including the food.

We also saw that one couldn’t just spontaneously go there whenever you want to – they only have open two or three times a week, of which one of the days you will have to order in advance. Therefore, it took a while unti we finally managed to come to their weekly Pizza Friday (or #pizzafreitagas Kernvoll itself calls it). Let’s put it like this: it was worth waiting for.

Everything is homemade. The fresh pizza bread made of spelt, the creamy vegan cheese and they even had lemonade made of home-cooked syrup. The very friendly service told us all about their menu and made suggestions of what to choose. You really got the feeling of being taken care of as a guest – we even got some fresh, homemade pizza buns as a starter. We ordered a shared plate with slices of all the three pizzas they currently had on their menu. The mushroom & caramelized onion was sweet, yet savoury, the olive & fresh tomato had such a wonderful basil pesto, while the slices with arugula, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate & cashew parmesan were genius, with a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

So, what are your plans for next Friday? If you are already booked, you should at least go there the Sunday after – then they have brunch and vegan cakes. I already know that we will have a sweet tooth by then…

If you want to see their schedule, please visit their website:

Kernvoll, Samariterstraße 34, 10247 Berlin – Friedrichshain