This was the first time we went to the South-Indian restaurant @gourapakora, who reopened a few months ago. Before that, it had been closed for about two years. When we looked at the menu, we saw so much tempting food, so we decided to go for the shared dish with mixed items. Thinking of the massive plate they brought in to us, overfilled with delicious vegan food such as Indian falafels, mixed fried vegetables and potato curry, it is hard to understand why they would close. We got an amazing lentil soup as an appetizer and sweet nut crisp with apple puree as dessert (although the old saying “there’s always room for a dessert”, we could barely eat it because we were so full from the rest). Glancing on the appetizing plates of other guests, we could easily have shared a one-manned dish – they were huge. You’ll find them for affordable prices in Friedrichshain near Boxhagener Platz.

Vegan Travel Story Goura Pakora
Goura Pakora, Krossener Str. 16, 10245 Berlin – Friedrichshain