One of the restaurant owners told us that already when their new Italian, vegetarian restaurant named Restaurant Sotto opened a few months ago, it was a huge success – people were standing queuing outside. We found the place by a recommendation on Facebook, and when we read about it, we knew we had to try. We even dared to bring my meat-eating family.⠀

They have both vegan and vegetarian dishes, of which many can be veganized. We ordered bruschetta with pumpkin cream and tempeh for starter and got amazed with the first bite. Pumpkin with tahini and taste of orange – just the mention of it must make you drool. As the main dish, we chose homemade pizza “Zucca Vegane” with pumpkin cream, almond cream cheese, fresh herb pesto, red onions and rosemary and a pumpkin risotto with rosemary, stirred with almond cream and nutritional yeast (have we mentioned that we like pumpkin?). Both were so creamy with a great combination of tastes! We were also impressed by their creativity – what about a homemade bowl of coffee sciatelli (pasta) with Jerusalem artichoke and roasted hazelnuts? The (very friendly!) staff told us that they wanted that everybody would like their food, not only vegans. And I know you are super curious … Yes, my meat-eating family loved it. Success!⠀

Restaurant Sotto, Neue Hochstraße 25, 13347 Berlin – Wedding