A rainy Friday evening in Berlin we found our way to the vegetarian dumpling place Momos. We were welcomed by a trendy restaurant with friendly staff behind the counter, ready to take our orders. They had a very simple concept, both regarding their interior and their food. There are six different dumplings you can choose from, of which four are vegan. The dishes are served with a dip free of choice. We ordered mixed plates to try all four, together with dips with a taste of lemon-mint and soy-sesame. With that, we enjoyed a delicious seaside salad with red seaweed and sliced cucumber. ⠀

The dumplings were so tasty, not to mention the dips! But there was a small problem: the dough of the dumplings easily took over the filling, which made it hard to defer which dumpling you were eating. Our suggestion would be to make them bigger because the dough had a very nice consistency – we would just like to know what the filling is like. Another tip for you, potential guests, is to order at least twelve dumplings to get full. If you are really hungry, order more – and don’t forget the sides!⠀

After enjoying our meal, we had a bit of a sweet tooth – and it was Friday! Momos even had a dumpling dessert with banana filling, served with cinnamon and maple syrup. Here the dough did not take over, it was thin and crispy, and the bananas sweet and moisty. They also had a delicious brownie with nuts. Momos is a great place to warm you from the rain! Unfortunately, we had to go out again…⠀

For menu please visit their website here: https://momos-berlin.de 

Momos – organic veggie dumplings, Chausseestraße 2, 10115 Berlin – Mitte